Rochelle Schmidt is an independent consultant specializing in consumer recipe development, wellness cooking classes for employee wellness programs and consumer groups, company representation at trade shows and public relations functions, and cookbook development.

In 1997, she founded Little Roc Recipe Company to meet the needs of food companies wishing to reach out to consumers through special recipe projects. Rochelle’s recipes provide new and creative ways to use the product which translate into increased sales and brand loyalty. Recipes can be incorporated into web sites, social media sites, packaging, video clips, cookbooks, and other promotional material.

Her life-long experience in the food industry and her creative approach to recipe development translate into expertly designed recipes to fit company needs. Before founding her own company, she previously applied her skill with food as a Test Kitchen Home Economist with her work featured in internationally distributed cookbooks, magazines, and calendars, and as a Research & Development Director for food processing companies in the U.S. and Scotland. She has also served as Instructor & Designer of wellness classes that educate attendees in bettering their health by incorporating nutrient-rich ingredients into delightful, appealing meals.

With Rochelle at the helm of your recipe development project or wellness cooking class, you can be sure to achieve ingenious, high quality results that yield increased sales, product awareness, and brand loyalty.