Recipe Development & Testing

After discussing your needs and desires, recipe concepts are developed and submitted for your approval. The approved concepts then undergo the recipe development process where each recipe is tested and evaluated for overall appeal, taste, appearance, cooking methods, and ingredient usage.

Each recipe is written in a standardized format for professional image and consumer readability. A detailed recipe testing report is created to document quality ratings, specific products used in testing, pan sizes, temperatures, and yield, as well as food styling comments and suggestions. Additional material, such as nutritional analysis, institutional yields, microwave directions, recipe romance, and a photo of the finished product, can also be provided upon request.

Recipes can be used in a variety of formats, including but not limited to the following:

  • Web pages
  • Social media sites
  • Printed media
  • Product packaging
  • Consumer newsletters
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Cookbooks
  • Freestanding inserts

Professional Speaking

With her experience in speaking to audiences of over 400, Rochelle delivers thoughtful, organized, informative presentations to educate attendees about various food topics including the limitless uses of your product, healthy cooking, quick meal preparation in the time it takes to go through the drive-thru, and recipes to accommodate special dietary needs. Whether your product is presented in cooking classes, trade shows, or healthy living seminars, you can be certain that consumer goodwill and brand loyalty will be created.

Other Services

  • Cookbook development
  • Recipe contest coordination
  • Recipe formatting assistance for recipe promotions
  • Food styling coordination and assistance at photo sessions
  • Arrangement of professional food photography and food styling
  • Art direction and company representation at photo sessions